Accompaniment and advice.

We have developed empirical expertise on good and bad practices in the creation of calls for projects as well as a clear vision on the potential of these initiatives based on collective intelligence.

Enable organizations to revolutionize their practices,strengthen their image and structure their innovation and creative challenges.
Allow participants to gain experience and develop their skills with simple processes for participating in calls for projects.

Let's create the perfect call for projects.

You organize calls for projects or you wish to create one, let us meet to discuss it.
Collective intelligence

It is the main strength of a call for projects, the possibility of making a group of people reflect on a given subject.

Transversality of disciplines

Break down barriers between different fields of activity to benefit from the inertia of new disciplinary fields

Sourcing and technology watch

Be at the heart of new technologies and new practices by putting them into concrete situations

New trends, ideas

Trends, desires, ideas, creations, change regularly. A call for projects makes it possible to be at the centre of these transformations

Customer/User Relationship

Anticipate users' needs by directly involving them in the reflection phases around new services and new products

Creating commitment

Give a new dimension and image to a company or institution to mark a break with old practices

Let's connect organizations and potentials around the world.

Contact our team

Let's connect organizations and potentials around the world.

Contact our team

Our commitments

Highlight your organization's know-how and notoriety while bringing a powerful innovation and creation process.

Accelerate your innovation and thinking initiatives

Imagine receiving several hundred quality proposals that respond to one of your problems or one of your creative or innovation challenges. It is an incredible resource that can support your development strategy.

Provide you with a real-time monitoring platform

You will have private access to our SaaS platform to follow the progress of applications and projects submitted in real time. You can consult the projects at any time and start your selection.

Discover the platform's features

The principle.

A call for projects can cover a wide range of needs or actions. Whatever these areas, the implementation remains similar, which is what makes this initiative strong and reproducible.

1. Defining the issues

Why do you want to issue a call for projects? Innovate, identify talents, have a technological lever, initiate a creative opening, do sourcing, etc. ?

2. The target community

Who can participate in your call for projects? Everyone, students only, researchers, entrepreneurs, exclusively your employees, etc.?

3. Formalisation of the call for projects

The previous questions are outdated, let us formalize your call for projects, let us set up a communication strategy, let us realize visuals and texts.

4. Launch and distribution

Depending on your desires, your call for projects can be distributed in different ways. Use your network to increase its visibility and discover the ideas of our team.

5. Balance sheet

Your call for projects is over, it's time for the assessment. How many people did you reach, are the objectives met? Are we getting ready for the next edition?

6. The most

A call for projects often brings much more than we imagine. It is an opportunity to gain visibility, boost your practices and muzzle the impact of your actions.

Create the first "moocs" of the experience.

The first calls for projects certifying that allow candidates to innovate, create and gain experience with the most beautiful companies in the world. What do you say?

What is a Mooc?

Mooc means "Massive Open Online Courses". These are open and quality online courses that allow a public to gain knowledge by following, at a distance, the teaching of the most beautiful universities and schools in the world and to receive a certificate of knowledge.

Your call for projects certifying

Following the Mooc model, we want to open up innovation and creation practices by allowing everyone to collaborate punctually with the most beautiful companies in the world, to propose new ideas and to receive a certificate of experience.

To go further.

We can also accompany you with additional services and à la carte.

Optimized content delivery

Organize, renew and manage as many calls for projects as necessary within the same tool.

Connecting with our network of partners

We propose an offer to put you in touch with our partners base according to your needs and themes.


Thanks to our experience, we offer a support and advice service in the creation of calls for projects.

Getting started with the tool

We can organize sessions for an administrator or a group of people to learn how to use the platform.

Graphic Design Service

We can produce documents of all kinds to improve the identity and communication of your call for projects.

Production of administrative and legal documents

We are able to draw up your legal documents: application regulations, assignment of rights, etc.