The features

Discover the features that make our platform unique and powerful.

Manage your calls for projects with efficiency and simplicity.

We can provide you with a digital solution to ensure a simple, efficient and rapidly deployable application and processing process.

Management of calls for projects

Calls for projects, calls for ideas, calls for applications, competitions, challenges, prizes, trophies, etc.

Innovation and development

Business innovation, intrapreneurship, intra-innovation, hackatons, valorisation of ideas and talents, collective intelligence.

Participations and registrations

Incubators, scholarships, grants, company selection, funding programs.


Three types of interfaces are automatically generated from the platform. Create a real value chain between your administration interface, that of the candidats and the space dedicated to evaluators. Always white label!

An administrator interface

Thought for you, in order to facilitate the management of your call for projects: receipt of applications, storage of files, visualisation of statistics, team work, etc.

A candidate interface

Thought for the candidate, it allows him to be informed, to register, to inform the information concerning him and to deposit the documents which you need to appreciate his candidature.

An evaluator interface

Designed for your team and your collaborators, it allows you to view, select and evaluate applications using an interface allowing teamwork (exchanges, messaging, organization).

Features in detail.

Thanks to your professional page, introduce yourself and expose your activities. You can also group together your various calls for projects, promote your partners or sponsors, highlight your juries and promote all participants.

Manage your call for projects centrally

Receive applications and related documents automatically and centrally. You have access to statistics and you can communicate with candidates at any time from your interface.

A simple and intuitive application process

The candidate is guided through all stages of the application process, from the creation of his profile, the choice of registration category, the project submission and the final validation of the file. Its information is automatically saved in the event of a failed connection, a blocked browser or an expired session.

Design the perfect call for projects

Generate a page presenting your call for projects. Registration, information, posting partners, sharing on social networks and posting on any medium (responsive design).
You can create different categories of applications within your call for projects, in order to customize each route while integrating custom forms.

Work as a team

Organize and manage as many calls for projects as needed within the same interface, work as a team by inviting administrators and evaluators. Assign applications to them to facilitate collaborative work.
Create evaluation scales with comments and votes so that the evaluators judge the projects according to your criteria.

And even more to discover

Every day our team develops and optimizes new features to enhance the platform's performance. The advantage of SaaS is that these improvements can be integrated into your interface at any time. We keep you regularly informed of updates and optimizations that we carry out.

To go further.

We can also create tailor-made functionalities that meet the specific needs of your call for projects.


Development of functionalities and personalized interfaces (white label, management interface, administration tools, etc.).

Task Automation

We can set up process and task automation systems to facilitate the reception and pre-selection of applications.

Back-Office and API

Our API integrates the data from your call for projects with other systems (CRM, back-office, DB) and facilitates data exchange in both directions.

Process and Implementation

We accompany you throughout the digitisation process of your call for projects. From reflection upstream, until the closing of it.

Step 1

Contact us so that we can discuss your needs and arrange an appointment.

Step 2

We organize a physical or telephone meeting in order to understand the modalities and specificities of your call for projects.

Step 3

We configure the platform for you by adapting its functionalities according to your needs.

Step 4

Before launching your call for projects, we organize a meeting to get the solution in hand for an optimal start.

Step 5

Our team remains available throughout your call for projects, if you have the slightest question.

Step 6

After the closing, we can organize an assessment of your call for projects and reflect on its next edition.

Security at WIIN.

At WIIN we take the security of your data very seriously and we do everything to protect your organization.