Why WIIN for Organizers?

To make your calls for projects an effective and impacting approach.

In 2017, we noted the increasing number of calls for projects created each year around the world. A dynamic that continues to grow thanks to collective intelligence.

We then decided to create the first directory of referencing of calls for projects accessible to all. Within a few months, we had the largest international database and several thousand calls for projects. But that was just the first step!

We then analysed all these calls for projects. The problem, the organizers were forced to divert more than 8 different software in order to realize their calls for projects. No solution allowed an organization to simply manage its calls for projects. No solution responded to the diversity of use cases and data security issues. No solution centralized on a single tool all the problems concerning the management of calls for projects. No solution offered an intuitive and user-friendly interface for the organizer, candidates and evaluators. WIIN For Organizers was born.

Our mission.

Enable companies and institutions to engage communities around the world to find tomorrow's ideas and identify today's talent!

Draw an intuitive solution.

The setting up of a call for projects must not be a source of boredom. Our tool absorbs complexity and technical diversity thanks to an intuitive platform that manages forms, applications, collaboration, evaluation, follow-up, etc.. Priority is given to the use of our users.

Build powerful technology.

Our team of developers dedicates its time to building a powerful tool that integrates dynamic interfaces to meet the multitudes of needs of our customers. All this complexity is managed thanks to a technology that we have developed from A to Z. Each call for projects represents a unique situation, each of these situations has its own complexities and we wish to manage them all. You deserve the best.

Offer human expertise.

In some cases technology is not enough, we provide our clients with the best experts in call for projects to provide tailor-made expertise. Customer satisfaction is our one and only priority. There is always a solution to every problem.

Achieve your goals. 

Whether you are a company, a public institution, a foundation, an association, we do our best to help you find tomorrow's ideas and today's talents through calls for projects. We will not stop until we have achieved your goal.

Our team.

We surround ourselves with the best.
Every new employee has the same goal as soon as they join our team: to make our customers happy, to work with passion and to want to excel.

The founders.


Co-Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & COO